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Able Food Sdn Bhd is a dairy processor & blender, stockist & packer located at one of the most strategic location in Selangor, Malaysia.

Global Network

We produce variety of dairy ingredients in different packaging size as per market for domestic and export market which include Asean countries, Middle East, and Africa. Our dairy products are customized to meet the needs of our buyer and consumer from different age group.


Quality Control

How can we achieve a good quality control procedure? We use Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to extend the quality of milk powder shelf life.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP?

Modified Atmosphere Processing Systems has proved to be one of the strongest packaging concepts for a great variety of products. To package a product in a modified atmosphere requires sophisticated machinery to flush out the Oxygen from the packaging chamber and replace it with Inert gases, then seal the product in the packaging so that only the modified atmosphere surrounds the product and not any other unwanted gas.

Our Products

We work closely with our customers to create the ingredients they need to meet the functional and nutritional requirements of their products. Our products are manufactured in a secure, safety, hygienic and stringent controlled environment as well as our ability to deliver on what we promise.

The infant formula market in worldwide is booming as parents look to the market who supply a clean and safe product. This exceptional performance indicates the increasing appeal and growth potential for our En-lac Infant Formula brand in Asean countries, Middle East, Africa and additional markets in the future. Therefore, we expect the revenue in the second half of the financial year to be stronger than the first.

We also offer full cream and skim milk, you’ll find the same great taste and quality that you can rely on from all of our products.

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